Curriculum Vitae
Trampus C. Williams
Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture

Trampus Williams

3-1-8 Oyama, Ginowan City

Okinawa, Japan 901-2223



“...On a personal level, you will find Trampus to be a very responsible and hardworking individual who is able, through ingenuity and a strong work ethic, to “get the job done.”...”

Lt. General Joseph F. Weber, USMC
former commander

“I’ve seen Trampus teach and he is an excellent teacher…””

Dr. Sue Sroda                      MSU TESOL Director

“...Trampus has achieved great things in his life and I expect he will continue to do great things...”

Judge Whalen Parker
Greenwood, AR

“Trampus made significant contributions as an instructor in English at the Ginowan City Exchange Association....”

Riki Agena,  Prisident, GIFEA 



Professional Profile

Excited to bring students into the new age using years of  life experience in different cultures and the use of technology.

·          Hold Masters Degree in TESOL, A Bachelors Degree in Japanese language and culture, an Associates degree in Asian studies, and extensive study in minor courses in electronics, computers and physics.  Experienced in use of the Internet and educational software.

·          Passionate about teaching as a means to bring a positive influence to the young minds who will eventually shape the world we live in.

Education, Honors, and Certifications

Master of Arts (TESOL)

Murray State University, Murray, KY. 2012 (December)

Bachelor of Integrated Studies (Japanese Language and Culture)

Murray State University, Murray, KY. 2010

Associate of Arts (Asian History and Culture)

University of Maryland, Okinawa, Japan. 2006

Electronics and Computer Maintenance (50 Credit Hours)

University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, AR. 2000

Key Qualifications

Above all other qualifications a passion for teaching.

Extensive training and experience in computer science combined with strong intercultural competence and four years of experience teaching make a unique instructor who is competent in a variety of diverse classroom settings.  

Experienced Mixed Method Educator

With a great love for teaching, learning about different teaching methods was very intriguing and led to the preparation and instruction of several classes in a variety of teaching methods including, Audio Lingual, CALL, Total Physical Response, The Silent Way, as well as the Communicative method.



Principal                                                                       2015- Present

AmerAsian School in Okinawa
Okinawa, Japan
Principal (校長)
Network/System Administrator (ネットワーク管理者)
Teacher (先生)
Grant Writer (グラントライター)
The primary duty at AmerAsian school in Okinawa is Principal. Secondary duties included;
Setting up and administration of the network, Windows Server 2012, Mac OSX server, Mac OS X profile manager for adminstration of ipads, and school wide administration of Google Apps for Education.
Teaching of Science, Math, English, Agriculture and Physical Education classes.
Grant writing and fundraising.
Verbal translation of Japanese to English and English to Japanese for parents and employees.

Professor of English Language                                                                       2014- Present

University of Maryland Asia Okinawa, Japan
Preparation and instruction of; UMEI 030 Interpersonal Communication Skills (3 institutional cr.)
UMEI 020 Integrated Skills for College Literacy (3 institutional cr.)
EDCP 102 Integrated Skills for Academic Success (3 cr.)
EDCP 103X Fundamentals of Writing and Grammar (3 cr.)
WRTG 101X Introduction to Writing (3 cr.)
SPCH 100X Foundations of Speech Communication (3 cr.)
Preparation and teaching included the course schedule, syllabus and weakly lesson plans. Daily lessons included the use of Audio Visual material and the use of web based tools and websites.

English Teacher                                                                       2011- Present

Murray State University, Murray, KY


Preparation and instruction of ENG 110 (Academic Writing for International Students) Preparation included the course schedule, syllabus and daily lesson plans.  Daily lessons included the use of Audio Visual material to prepare the students for a final integrated skills writing exam.



University Book Store Manager                                        2008 – 2010

University Book and Bean, Murray, KY


Complete setup of computer system and network, including Point of Sale systems hardware and Software.  Management of staff, ordering, shipping, receiving, and accounting.  Experience at the store covered all aspects for running a small business. 


I/T Specialist                                                                                    2007 –2008

South Eastern Book Company, Murray, KY


Primary technical contact for issues with any workstations in the company including computer and printer maintenance, repair and setup.   Installation and maintenance of CCTV Camera system with computer recording device. 


English Teacher                                                                              2005-2007

Oyama Elementary and Urasoe Cultural Center, Okinawa, Japan


As a teacher I gained experience in organizing and creating lesson plans.  I also gained experience teaching children and adults.  Intercultural Competence was key to my success as a teacher.


Intelligence Analyst, US Marine Corps                                    2000-2005


As a Marine Sergeant I gained experience in managing the marines under my command, keeping them engaged in productive activities as well as teaching them valuable skills need for the job.  I had several side jobs in computer setup and maintenance.  I gained experience in analysis as well. 



Computer Technician/Sales                                                        1999-2000

CompUSA, Chicago, IL


Customer Service and computer maintenance and repair.  Home computer setup.


Computer and Electronics Technician                                  1998-1999

Best Buy, Fort Smith, AR


Computer and electronics maintenance and repair.  I gained A+ certification through Best Buy